Felisha Patten

Felisha received her Bachelor’s in Business and Accounting and has a Master’s in Taxation. She is also an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. While working with several local small businesses, Felisha discovered her aptitude for accounting and decided to pursue. Always having wanted to own her own small business, Felisha opened Piper Accounting Solutions on August 28th, 2015. Felisha is a Tucson native. She loves to go hiking, to the shooting range, and she loves spending time with her hubby, Waylon, and her niece, Alyssa, in their cozy backyard. Waylon & Felisha have 3 fur babies, Gracie, 13, Thor, 2, and Jack Jack, just a puppy! Her beloved babies are regular visitors at the office, and they love to be a part of the team and greet visitors. They spend their downtime traveling to see their favorite bands and Felisha enjoys a nice glass of whiskey now and then. Always neat.

Nicole Gamble

Nicole is Pipers Tax Assistant. She has always loved accounting and helping people. With much interest in growing personally, she is pursuing her bachelor’s in accounting, once that is achieved, she wants to work towards her Masters. Outside of all the accounting fun you can bet she is off to San Diego to enjoy the beach with her family or trying to help her 3 kids find ways to take down Felisha in the next nerf gun war.
Gracie Bio Pic


Gracie is an 11 (almost 12) year old Pomeranian. She’s been with Felisha since she was a puppy. She is Piper’s official greeter, micro-manager, and stress reliever during tax appointments. In her free time, she loves to hunt lizards, go for walks with mom, and to cuddle.

Allyssa Bachman

Allyssa is Piper's Office Coordinator. Originally a transplant from Kentucky, she jokes that the way she was raised (by a cantankerous southern granny) is what prepared her to excel in service-oriented careers. She comes to us after working in luxury hospitality and has plans on becoming a certified ASL interpreter. Now she is bringing all her experience together to help make your tax and accounting needs seamless! In her spare time, she enjoys painting, entertaining, and horse-riding..

Kim Magstadt-Miller

Kim is the Lead Bookkeeper at Piper Accounting Solutions. She loves making sense of the numbers and helping small businesses be successful. She has spent the last 20+ years doing just that! Kim was born and raised in Montana, spent 12 years in the Seattle area and for the past 17 years has called Arizona her home. She has been a resident of Tucson for the past 7 years. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her 2nd child (dog) “Bailey”, traveling to see her (1st child) son in Seattle or spending time with Mom. She also can very often be found with a good book in her hand.

Katie Stricklen

Katie is one of Pipers Bookkeeper’s. She received her Bachelor’s in Business and Accounting. Katie has always had a love of numbers and helping people. She tries to have a positive attitude and enjoys learning new things! Katie is an Arizona native, that moved back to Tucson in 2019, and loves being back home with family! Being a huge Formula 1 fan and car enthusiast, she can be found on the weekends at the racetrack running quarter miles or local car shows. Down time includes video games and spending time with family and friends, enjoying a nice pint of Guinness.