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Felisha Lefler


Felisha received her Bachelor’s in Business and Accounting and has a Masters in Taxation. She is also an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. While working with several local small businesses, Felisha discovered her aptitude for accounting and decided to pursue. She knew that after obtaining her Bachelor’s she would one day start her own firm. Upon graduating, Felisha found a job with a local tax firm and spent the next four years obtaining her Masters in Taxation.   After graduation, an opportunity to start a firm of her own became a reality. On August 28th, 2015, Piper Accounting Solutions, PLLC, opened its doors.


Felisha is a Tucson native and loves to go hiking, to the shooting range and spending time with her family.  She especially loves spending time with her niece, Alyssa, who she is now raising and adopted in December of 2018.  Her beloved pom, Grace, is a regular at the new office and loves to see the staff and visitors.  Felisha spends her down time traveling to see her favorite bands and enjoys a nice glass of whiskey now and then.  Always neat.

Nicole Panas


Nicole is Pipers Office Coordinator. She is our cheerful, bubbly person taking your calls and assisting you when you first walk in! Nicole has always loved accounting and helping people. With much interest in growth she is pursuing her Bachelors in Accounting, once that is achieved she wants to go for her Masters. Outside of all the accounting fun you can bet she is off to San Diego to enjoy the beach, or trying to keep up with her two little boys who still are finding ways to take down Felisha in the next nerf gun war. (Poor Boys)

Nicole's Bio Pic
Gracie Bio Pic


Gracie is an 11 (almost 12) year old Pomeranian. She’s been with Felisha since she was a puppy. She is Piper’s official greeter, micro-manager, and stress reliever during tax appointments. In her free time, she loves to hunt lizards, go for walks with mom, and to cuddle.